Direct Sales

For a streamlined service, without the restrictions of Local Bitcoins, we offer direct sales to our customers. If you are registered with us through Local Bitcoins then you can use our direct service. If you are a first time customer we require you to complete a simple registration process, either in store or online

All accounts are required to go through our registration process. All customer information is secure and private. However, we must store this as a matter of compliance to ensure the identity of our customers

Talk direct with our trade team

Verification Process

It is important that we know who we are trading with; this is to protect you and protect us

Written Confirmation

This written statement confirms to us that you are buying Bitcoin for yourself and for legitimate purposes

Address Confirmation

Proof of address, such as a bank statement, is an important part of our verification process

Valid ID

This is simply so we can identify our customers, a key part of compliance in currency acquisition such as this

How to trade Bitcoin Direct

Once you have an account with BitKiosk we will execute trades over a regular chat. You can contact us via the channels below:


Chat to our team 24/7


Speak with a member of our team over the encrypted telegram service

Facebook Messenger

Speak with the team over Facebook @BitKioskLondon